Stretch-n-Grow Dance

Our Ballet and Creative Dance program is a developmental dance program focusing on:
Ballet Technique, Posture, Balance & Coordination, Motor Skill enhancement, Flexibility

Our Kids Dance Party  provides children with a Hip-Hop, Funk & Dance Fusion Class to age-appropriate music.  
Dance builds concentration, coordination, recall & reaction time! Technique & skill drills plus friendly team dance-offs.  
Physical Education  
With Imagination
Stretch-n-Grow is the world's
largest network of children's
fitness professionals, providing
Physical Education with
Imagination to hundreds of
thousands of children
Serving areas in Bucks Couny,  Montgomery County, and Coopersburg Area

Young children express themselves through music.  
Our 30 minute Creative Dance classes gives children an opportunity to learn basic dance skills using colorful
age appropriate equipment, fun music, and energizing lessons in a non stressful and fun learning environment.  
Through our Creative Dance Classes, young children will enhance their motor development, language, social
awareness, and cognitive skills.    
What will my child need for dance?
Ballet slippers and exercise clothes.  Your child should wear comfortable clothes for class.  
We recommend your child wear ballet slippers.  
Each Creative Dancer will receive a program t-shirt.

Are your teachers qualified?
Yes!  All of our dance instructors have dance experience in studios or on dance teams.   

Should I stay and watch my child?
Yes, we ask that every child come with their grown up.