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Serving areas in Bucks Couny,  Montgomery County, and Coopersburg Area
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  • Must be physically fit
  • Must be at least 18 years of age with high school diploma
  • Must become CPR & First Aid certified by the end of your training period
  • Must have reliable transportation with Pennsylvania Drivers License
  • Must pass background check and undergo FBI fingerprint

All Star Soccer Program
Starts end of summer/early Fall- Check back for registration in late June
Location:  Quakertown Connie Mac Fields
9th Street and Cemetery Road, Quakertown
Starts Dates TBD
No Soccer on Labor Day  Soccer will be held on a Wednesday that week.
Day may change due to facility conflicts, bad weather, and/or rain make ups
Please note:  
Your spot is not secure until payment is made.  Upon payment, you will receive a payment confirmation via
paypal.  A courtesy reminder email will be sent out one week prior to the start of the program.  All information
regarding times, dates, and what is needed for each program can be found below under each program title.
Our All Star Soccer Program is divided up into three different divisions.  We offer our Mini Soccer for children ages 2-3 years and
Soccer Stars for children ages 3-5 years.  Each program fosters the development of its specific age group and provides activities
that enhance basic soccer skill, motor development, understanding, and experience for the individual child. In addition to teaching
soccer skills, we also model Stretch-n-Grow's goals to teach the importance of proper exercise through our warm-up and cool
down stories and chants.  Below are specific goals that each program is designed to teach. To register, please click the payment
button under the program you wish to register and fill out the online registration form at the bottom of the page.  
Mini Soccer  For ages 2-3 years
Our Mini Soccer Stars program is designed to provide young children an opportunity to experience activities that are all geared towards basic
soccer skills.  Your Mini Star will have lots of fun running, kicking, learning warm-up stories and chants, socializing, and learning the very basics
of soccer while enhancing motor development and fitness.  The Mini Soccer Stars program is a 30 minute program for children who are 2 years
and young three year olds.  Dress your child in comfortable clothing and sneakers or cleats.  Shin guards and cleats are not needed for this age
group.  Stretch-n-Grow will provide a program tshrit the second or third week.
Location: Quakertown Connie Mack Fields
Soccer Stars For Ages 3-5 years
Our Lil' Soccer Stars Program is designed to provide children ages 3-5 years a way to experience soccer in a fun, non-competitive environment.  
Children enrolled in will learn the importance of a proper warm-up and proper stretches and exercises while gaining an understanding of basic soccer
skills.  Our stars will participate in activities that enhance directional sense, spatial awareness, and basic motor skills (running, hopping, jumping).   
Through our ball exploration activities, each player in our program will be exposed to valuable soccer skills such as ball control, dribbling, passing,
and shooting.  Our ultimate goal is for every child in the 3-5 year old age group to gain an experience and to help foster in their development while
enhancing their interest in the sport of soccer and learning the importance of team work and positive sportsmanship.  Dress your child in comfortable
clothing and sneakers or cleats.  Shin guards are recommended. Be sure to give your child a water bottle with his/her name on it.  Stretch-n-Grow will
provide a program tshirt the second or third week.  
Location: Quakertown Connie Mack Fields